How do you wear your Tichel?

If there is one question that I get most often:  It is surely How do I tie my tichel? Or please tell me another way to tie my tichel, as I am looking for a new style.

There really is no reason to get overwhelmed as it can be fun wrapping. The simplest way (and the way I almost always use) is to start with a square tichel and fold it in half creating a large triangle. Throw it over your head with the point in the center back. Tie the two outer ends in the back and your done. You can also tuck the center point underneath for a neater finished looking head scarf.

 tied tichel
picture of tied tichel

If the above method doesn’t seem to give you the results you were looking for, then a pre-tied tichels is an easier option.

Another way to tie your head scarf is with a bun in the front. Many times it will start with a rectangular tichel, or a large square one.