Pre-tied Head Scarves

PreTied Head Scarves

You woke up late today, you are in a rush, you just want something easy to throw on your head? Your head covering doesn’t stay where you want it?

Pretied tichels will quickly become your best friend. Just throw them on, and “you are covered”. (Some feature long tails in the back and can be tightened for the perfect fitting hair covering.) Many also have a no slip grip band sewn in to ensure your head stays covered.

Choose from patterned or solids: Cozy cottons or smooth polyesters. Either way, you have found the convenience in a head cover.

Ladies Headbands

We get it. You want to be comfortable, not spend a fortune, and look good too. We’ve got you covered on all the above.

Great quality cotton headbands to suite every taste and style. Perfect for all year round hair accessories.

See all our headbands here.

How do you wear your Tichel?

If there is one question that I get most often:  It is surely How do I tie my tichel? Or please tell me another way to tie my tichel, as I am looking for a new style.

There really is no reason to get overwhelmed as it can be fun wrapping. The simplest way (and the way I almost always use) is to start with a square tichel and fold it in half creating a large triangle. Throw it over your head with the point in the center back. Tie the two outer ends in the back and your done. You can also tuck the center point underneath for a neater finished looking head scarf.

 tied tichel
picture of tied tichel

If the above method doesn’t seem to give you the results you were looking for, then a pre-tied tichels is an easier option.

Another way to tie your head scarf is with a bun in the front. Many times it will start with a rectangular tichel, or a large square one.

Tichels – Head coverings at their best

So you are new (or an old veteran) to covering your head. Great. Tichels will quickly win you over. But why?

Considering that there are so many different patterns, fabrics, and sizes available; tichels surely give you the greatest choice. Just looking at the pictures above one can see 4 different materials and oh so much style.

I personally like the smaller tichels as they are lighter on the head. They can be seen here.   But some like larger, to ensure maximum wrapping with numerous tying styles. Try yours today here at The Tichel Shop.

Berets – Head covering essential and always in fashion


Where did the beret originate and when? My guess is as good as yours. But one thing is definitely obvious:

Berets are great as hair coverings and can also be fashion statements. They are so comfortable to wear and don’t need to be tied like a head scarf. I have always found them to be the easiest to “just throw on” and wear. Simple wool, acrylic, or cotton ones, are great for everyday wear. While dressed up ones are perfect for dressier times. See our full beret collection here.

Make it a Beanie Day

So you want to start wearing beanies as your head covering choice: Great. They are the first choice for many women looking for comfort and style. Just look at these pictures to get some idea of what I mean. That little extra slouchiness in the back can make all the difference.  You can always see my full beanie collection here. The majority of them are made from excellent quality cotton, having your hair covering comfort in mind. I also have some that are other materials such as these beanies that are thicker and better suited for the Winter. Regardless of which ones you choose, throw it on and have fun wearing it. It just might make your day.